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This is a Self Venting Spigot Kit for the Military Water Cans by Scepter, LCI and LC Industries. This sale does not include a can, and will NOT fit on the Scepter MFC FUEL cans.

The kit comes complete with a Modified Cap Assembly. Please see the demonstration video for more details.

There are slight differences between the Scepter brand WATER caps and the LCI brand WATER caps, both in build and color, but they ARE interchangeable.

IF PURCHASING WITH A SCEPTER CAP...IMPORTANT>>>PLEASE READ, ONLY HAND TIGHTEN!-- The new Scepter caps have an O-ring.  This means that tightening them is different than the old Scepter or LCI caps.  DO NOT TIGHTEN PAST HAND TIGHT.  Unlike the LCI and older Scepter caps which had to be tightened past hand tight to make an air tight seal, the new cap's o-ring will become damaged/stretched and/or dislodged if tightened too far, which is almost anything past hand tight.  It is designed to be air tight when just hand tight.