Attention Scepter WATER can owners

Attention Scepter WATER can owners. 

UPDATE 2022:

Scepter made new small changes to their caps.  So now positioning (pour hole placement when tight) is all over the place for pre-2018 cans, 2018-2021 cans and new cans, we cannot predict where the pour hole will land on any one of these cans with the new caps.  Also, we now found that the caps need to be a little past hand tight if being used under pressure to keep the air in and that it does not seem to damage the o-ring to do so.

We also found that if you "loose" your o-ring in the new cap, the cap can still seal air tight the old fashioned way, plastic on plastic like the pre 2018 cans.  

So, the Scepter new Scepter caps can be used on Old and new Scepter cans as well as LCI cans, Skilcraft cans, and the like. Just tighten a little past hand tight for a good air tight seal.  

Original note:

In late 2018 Scepter completed two minor changes to the neck and cap of their WATER cans.  All of the Scepter brand cans being sold now have these changes. The changes are as follows:  They modified the molds for the cap to now include a channel at the base of the threads inside the cap to retain an O-ring to serve as a seal between the cap and can.  The second change is the location where they cut the finished edge of the neck so when the cap is being screwed on, the pour hole stops facing the front of the can when tight.

What this means to you in regards to the functionality of any of the modified caps we sell that are built using the previous cap is the pour hole location where we have installed the modification may not be able to be centered with the front of the can.  In some cases, when tightened enough to be sealed, the modified fixture may be facing the side or even the top of the can.  In the case of the gravity fed modifications, you may not be able to empty all of the water from the can, as well as it might look a little funny if it is not close to the center of the front of the can.  As far as the pressure and suction modifications, there is little to no effect except again, for the position of the fixture in the cap in relationship to the front of the can.  

The LCI / Skillcraft caps can still be used on a Scepter can, but will have the same positioning issues as previously described.

Thank you, and be well.

Fritz and Jenny