Fuel Tank Adapter KIT for your Scepter MFC's

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MFC Fuel Tank Adapter- Kit Model

This adapter allows you to convert your Scepter MFC into a self venting fuel tank. It can be used to fuel any machinery that can be supported by a 5/16th inch feed. Typically 50 to 60HP. It is very easy to swap cans, mid operation, without the need to shut down the machine.

Kit model includes the machined adapter with replaceable vacuum vent, modified cap and gasket. It is rigged using all premium grade 5/16th inch components. (***Fittings and Hose for a return line are not included in this kit. This is a supply only kit.)

The rigging includes an internal pickup tube connected to the adapter via a nickel plated brass NPT/Barb fitting, and on the other end is a machined aluminum clunk/non filtering pickup. Topside it is equipped with Moeller Marine chrome plated brass, male, self-closing quick couplers. The 7’ hose is comprised of Moeller Marine male, self-closing quick couplers, a premium Moeller Marine primer bulb and premium Mercury Marine topside fuel hose. The fuel line is assembled using stainless steel pinch clamps to avoid clamps that can self loosen or tags that can cut you during handling. It also streamlines the look and feel of the whole assembly. The kit also includes one additional male quick coupler for you to use to plumb a connection point into the machine you need to fuel. The two quick couplers on the adapter allow for a return line if your system requires it and for priming the kits fuel line before connecting to the system you need to fuel, eliminating fuel starvation to the machinery as it tries to fill the line during initial setup.

The adapter is designed to operate with the vent opening and the elbowed pickup line connector facing the front of the can.

There are a limited number of these units due to cap availability.


1) Machined Aluminum Adapter
2) Scepter MFC Cap- Modified
3) Viton Gasket
4) Machined Aluminum Clunk/Non-Filtering Pickup
5) Premium Moeller Marine Primer Bulb
6) Replaceable Vacuum Vent
7) Internal Pickup Tube
8) 7’ Premium Mercury Marine Topside Fuel Hose
9) Female Hose-End Quick Couplers (x2)
10) Male, Moeller Marine, Chrome plated Brass, Self-Closing Quick Couplers (x3)
11) Elbow
12) Pinch Clamps
13) Barb Fitting & Nylon Clamp