Flashlight O-Ring/Thread Lubricant Grease Kit – 6ml

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This kit includes two Luer Lock syringes with caps, pre-loaded with a total of 6 ml of medium weight Synthetic Dielectric Silicone Grease. It also includes 3 blunt tip stainless steel needles with caps in the following sizes: 14 gauge, 16 gauge, 18 gauge, as well as 3 polymer tips in the same sizes that can be used to eliminate the risk of scratching the light or damaging the O-ring.

The syringes and attachments are high quality Luer Lock. This means that the needles lock to the syringe with a twist so they cannot come apart under pressure as many cheaper syringes can, particularly when using them with grease.

This kit is ideal for precisely lubricating under the o-ring seals and threads of your flashlights. It offers total control over where the grease is applied and how much is applied which virtually eliminates any wasted grease or mess.

I am a self diagnosed flashaholic, and I developed this system and by trial and error chose this grease for my own lights and love it and believe you will too! Thank you for your support!

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