D-Ring Strap

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Introducing JAGMTE's D-Ring Strap—made in the USA and crafted with mil-spec nylon webbing and thread and a 1.5” heavy-duty D-ring, it's the d-ring-a-ding-ding strap of your dreams! Attach it to any object you can think of up to 2" wide(S) or 3.5" wide(L); it's the perfect way to strap your stuff securely and easily.
  • Mil-Spec Nylon Webbing and Thread
  • 1.5" (1 1/2 Inch) Heavy Duty Mil-Spec D-Ring
  • Velcro attachment for easy deployment
  • 2 Sizes:
  • Small- Fits circumferences up to 5" like 2" belt loops or small handles and
  • Large- Fits circumferences up to 7.5" like poles and chair arms.