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This is a Self Venting Spigot Kit for the Military Water Cans by Scepter, LCI and LC Industries. This sale does not include a can, and will NOT fit on the Scepter MFC FUEL cans.

The kit comes complete with a Modified Cap Assembly. Please see the demonstration video for more details.

The Scepter Cap in this kit is the newer style that includes an O-ring.  The LCI cap is similar to the older style Scepter cans that do not have an o-ring.  If you have a new Scepter can that currently has an o-ring, we recommend purchasing the Scepter brand cap.  If you have an older Scepter can that does not have an o-ring, then you can use either the new Scepter cap or the LCI cap interchangeably.   

Both brand WATER caps will NOT fit FUEL cans.

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