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This is a Flow Controllable Pour Spout for the Military Water Cans by Scepter and LCI. This sale does not include a can, and will NOT fit on the Scepter MFC FUEL cans. The kit comes complete with a Modified Cap Assembly. Please see the demonstration video for more details.

We have updated the Shut off valve from the one shown in the video. Please see the photos for the new valve.

The Scepter Cap in this kit is the newer style that includes an O-ring.  The LCI cap is similar to the older style Scepter cans that do not have an o-ring.  If you have a new Scepter can that currently has an o-ring, we recommend purchasing the Scepter brand cap.  If you have an older Scepter can that does not have an o-ring, then you can use either the new Scepter cap or the LCI cap interchangeably.   

Both brand WATER caps will NOT fit FUEL cans.