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This is a Self Venting Spigot Kit for the Military Water Cans by Scepter, LCI and LC Industries. This sale does not include a cap or can, and will NOT fit on the Scepter MFC FUEL cans. You will need to cut off the pour spout and tap that hole... we use a 3/4"-14 HSS 5 Flute NPT Taper Pipe Tap... in order to install the spigot in the cap.  


This kit includes:
Self venting spigot
3/4" 45deg Glass Reinforced Polypro Elbow Fitting (Pre-installed)
Vent tube extension (pre-installed)
Nylon Nut
Food grade Silicone packet

Items needed to make the complete spigot assembly:
Military Water can cap- Scepter, LCI or the like.  DO NOT MODIFY YOUR EXISTING CAP, as this permanently changes the cap in a way that the can can no longer seal once the pour hole is cut off.