ANODIZED Aluminum Cap Flange with Viton Gasket

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Bullet proof your Scepter Military Fuel Can.

This flange makes the Scepter MFC what it always should have been.  An extremely durable, dependable and worry free way to transport fuel under harsh and demanding circumstances.  The flange is milled from Mil spec certified bar stock and then BLACK ANODOZED for further protection.  This flange will not fail you, we guarantee it.  Besides the fact that it will never fail, another important change is the expanded gasket surface area to further overlap and apply pressure to the mating surface outside the vent hole.  

No modifications necessary.  Your cap strap will snap into this flange just like the plastic one and you are on your way, free to never think or worry about your flange again, ever!  

It can be used with any existing gasket, but included in this kit is the Viton Gasket we have manufactured specifically for best sealing performance possible in regards to overlapping the vent hole.

This is an aftermarket part, manufactured by JAGMTE.  The cap shell and cap strap pictured are NOT included.

Includes 1 Anodized Aluminum Flange and 1 Viton Gasket.

Fits the 10L and 20L Scepter MFC's

SELECT THE PRICE TIER BASED ON THE TOTAL QUANTITY OF FLANGES YOU ARE ORDERING- YOU CAN MIX AND MATCH FLANGES- Just the flange / flange with a gasket / anodized flange / anodized flange with a gasket.

AND ALSO NOTE: If you select fewer quantity than the price tier you have selected, we will send you an invoice for the difference in price, and your order will be delayed till the invoice is paid.  

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Customer Reviews

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The caps are great , way better then the original , these new ones don't leak


Excellent packaging, lightening speed shipping, but most importantly, these flanges are the best that money can buy. These are what Scepter should have used in the cans originally. JAGMTE has the highest quality products and these flanges make an old leaky scepter fuel can work like new again. I have many scepter fuel cans and I have invested that each one has JAGMTE's aluminum flange and viton gasket. I like the black anodized purely for looks, but of course it works perfect for my use of both gasoline and diesel storage.

My second favorite feature of these flanges is that they weigh the cap down so it stays out of your way when pouring from the can.

Finally, you don't need any special tool to put these on. While the cap is still secured on the fuel can, I use a large, flat bladed screw driver to pop off the strap connecting to the old plastic flange. I then unscrew the cap, remove the old plastic flange and put JAGMTE's aluminum flange in the cap. I then screw the cap back down and use a small hammer (or rubber mallet) to snap the retention strap onto the new flange.

Ken Bailey
Another Great product

Another great product from JAGMTE. These black anodized Aluminum flanges look and work great just like the Aluminum Cap Flange. As usual they very friendly and helpful with quick reasonable shipping. Thanks again Jenny.