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Bullet proof your Scepter Military Fuel Can.


This flange makes the Scepter MFC what it always should have been.  An extremely durable, dependable and worry free way to transport fuel under harsh and demanding circumstances.  The flange is milled from Mil spec certified bar stock.  This flange will not fail you, we guarantee it.  Besides the fact that it will never fail, another important change is the expanded gasket surface area to further overlap and apply pressure to the mating surface outside the vent hole.  

No modifications necessary.  Your cap strap will snap into this flange just like the plastic one and you are on your way, free to never think or worry about your flange again, ever!  

It can be used with any existing gasket.  But if you want the absolute best sealing performance possible in regards to overlapping the vent hole, use the gasket we have manufactured specifically for it. 

This is an aftermarket part, manufactured by JAGMTE.  The cap shell, cap strap and gasket pictured are NOT included.

SELECT THE PRICE TIER BASED ON THE TOTAL QUANTITY OF FLANGES YOU ARE ORDERING- YOU CAN MIX AND MATCH FLANGES- Just the flange / flange with a gasket / anodized flange / anodized flange with a gasket.

AND ALSO NOTE: If you select fewer quantity than the price tier you have selected, we will send you an invoice for the difference in price, and your order will be delayed till the invoice is paid.  

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Worth it!

Pricey, but the BEST upgrade you can do to improve your MFCs. You will never have to buy another inferior Scepter flange again. Can't imagine why our government would accept/allow such a defective part be used.....well maybe I can. So, buy and use these aluminum cap flanges. You won't regret it.

Art in aluminum

As the title says,, these flanges are pure art- at least for those of us who've cursed the original poly ones!

They're so well machined that I hate putting it under the mfc caps where they don't get seen. I've got a dozen of the original polished ones and when I find some more mfcs I'll switch over to the black anodized.

As someone else mentioned, that once you get them you'll wonder why you waited so long.

I don't know why I waited.

If you have Scepter cans you need these. Perfection.

Kenneth Bailey
Great Products

These Aluminum Flanges are great and solve a long standing problem with the plastic flanges that are so delicate. You'll never have another leaking MFC problem with these. JAGMTE is great to deal and buy from and very helpful. Thanks so much for your help. :)