The Dressed Down GUN BELT

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A gun belt designed to be worn when you are wearing little else!

Don't unnecessarily increase the risk of being shot by the Police or going to jail on a firearms charge simply because you were under dressed.

This belt is designed to be fast and easy to put on if you find yourself needing to go outside your house with your handgun to investigate a disturbance. A holstered handgun is far less likely to result in severe bodily harm or criminal charges being brought against you for something like brandishing a firearm, than a gun in your hand.

Here is an example for your consideration: 

It is night-time. You are relaxing in your home, settled in for the night. Like a majority of people, your dress is likely minimal and consisting of light, soft, comfortable clothes which are totally inadequate for the safe retention of a handgun.

Let's say you have a son or daughter that is due home around 12:30am. Around that time you hear a heated argument occurring on the street in front of your house. You want to quickly investigate ......... Click here to read the rest of the story

This belt made ready and immediately available can help make you a better steward of your handgun and potentially greatly reduce serious dangers that can arise. This belt also affords you the ability to have, for example, pepper spray and a flashlight with you and easily ready. This BELT is made by us here in the USA using heavy weight, 2” nylon webbing and is adjustable to fit waist sizes from 32” to 47” (Large available for 40”-53” waist sizes). It is also made with Mil-Spec Heavy Duty Velcro and has a Heavy Weight D-Ring for easy hanging by your door. We chose to construct the belt from 2” webbing because it offers the best ease of use and desired performance characteristics as well as the 2” webbing is slightly larger than the slot channels of most holsters, so when the belt is forced through the slots of a holster or forced into the channel of a molded holster it produces friction of binding which keeps an empty holster from changing position on the belt during handling while putting it on.

It has a large, easy-to-align, self locking clip so it can be put on quickly and easily without looking at it. Even in the unlikely event the belt is twisted while putting it on in a hurry, the closure will still go together easily and lock securely.

The text and descriptions in this ad are in no way intended to be legal advice. This product is not designed to cause the user to be in compliance with any local, State or Federal laws. Using this product will in no way protect the user from legal action against them related to its use. The content of this advertisement is strictly the personal thoughts and opinions of the author. It is the responsibility of every individual responsible gun owner to know the laws in their area and to use good common sense practices to help ensure the safest outcome in any situation in which they decided to introduce a gun.