Viton Gasket - for your Scepter MFC Military Fuel Can

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VITON Gaskets for the Scepter Military Fuel Cans MFC's 20L/5Gal or 10L/2.5Gal.

OD 83mm x ID 52mm x 1/8" thick x 75 Durometer

These gaskets are specifically made in size and hardness to minimize the possibility of breaking off the gasket retention ring on the OEM plastic flange via crush displacement. The ID is slightly larger and the Durometer is harder so it doesn't put pressure on the retention ring of the flange. The OD is slightly larger than the OEM gasket for better coverage.  This gasket can be used on the OEM plastic flange, Aluminum, Anodized Aluminum and Stainless Steal Flanges.