Scepter MFC FUEL Wrench

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***IMPORTANT***This is for the Military FUEL cans and will NOT work on the military WATER cans.  WATER WRENCH is available HERE.


for use on the Scepter Military FUEL Cans 

Never again struggle to remove an over-tightened cap, a stuck cap on a swollen can or to remove a cap from a can with fouled threads!

  • Made in the USA.
  • Built from Glass-Reinforced Polymers for EXTREME durability.
  • The socket portion of the wrench is engineered to fit the Scepter Cap PERFECTLY, engaging a minimum of 90% of the cap's peaks to eliminate the possibility of any cap deformation from using the wrench. (Take a look at the pictures to see the perfect fit!)
  • Extended handle for greater LEVERAGE, to remove even the most stubborn caps.

This is the second generation of the original MFC Cap Wrench. The first generation was extensively field tested, and NONE were ever returned for ANY REASON! This wrench will not let you down!

This Cap Wrench fits the Scepter 20L/5Gal and 10L/2.5Gal MFC Military Fuel Cans.
100% Money Back - Satisfaction Guarantee!

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