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Fuel Spout for the Scepter Military Fuel Can MFC’s   Made by JAGMTE

2 sizes / flow rates available: 

  • Medium - For standard vehicle fueling, or larger equipment -⅝” ID - 
  • High - For Diesel Vehicle fueling, or other high flow capable systems - 1” ID - 


Fuel Grade Urethane Tubing - Long service life

Glass-Reinforced Polypropylene Fittings - Extremely durable / Long service life

Viton O-ring -We routed a spot for the o-ring into the threads so it seats in the same location as it is on the factory spout to prevent any leaking. 

We chose the best quality, heavy duty fuel grade urethane tubing as well as Extremely durable glass reinforced polypropylene fittings, so you can expect an extremely long service life with intermittent fuel exposure and reasonable care.  It is extremely resistant to moisture, fungi, weathering, tearing, abrasion and impact, and has a -85*F brittle temp and 175*F melt temp. We heat cured the tubing into straight lengths to improve the general manageability during dispensing and for ease of storage.  This unit also comes with a high quality Viton o-ring.  The unit is designed to seat the o-ring in the same position as the factory pour spout to prevent any leaking of fuel during dispensing operations.  

This spout for the scepter military fuel cans is designed for use with the internal threads in the opening of the can, as opposed to the standard pour spout that uses the external threads.

Use care when installing to avoid damage to the threads in the can due to cross threading.

Thread protector/Dust Cap is available for purchase.