Easy Pour Dual-Handle FUEL Strap for Scepter MFC FUEL Cans

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Like the Cap Wrench I build, which you may or may not be familiar with, I have been using these Pour Straps that we build on my Scepter MFCs for well over eight years now, AND LOVE THEM!

The Easy Pour Strap is sewn to very exacting specification to fit the Scepter Military fuel can 5 Gal / 20L MFCs snugly and perfectly, providing both a handle on the back of the can and a handle on the bottom of the can. Due to the way they are engineered, they cannot slip off! Even if you hang a FULL can from either handle, it will not come off! They are built with no buckles, snaps, or adjusters to break or get in the way of the cans nesting, as they would under any other circumstances. The location of the strap and handle on the bottom does not interfere with the can standing on it's own feet and does not effect it's stability. Due to the snug fit, this 2 Handle Strap requires some effort to put on and take off, so it is generally left on the can.

***Attention: Easy Pour Dual-Handle Straps are NOT interchangeable between the Scepter Military FUEL cans and WATER cans. Although the FUEL and WATER straps are made very similarly, this FUEL can Easy Pour Strap is a different dimension, and will NOT fit the Scepter Military Water cans. 

The Strap is constructed of Mil Spec nylon webbing and Mil Spec bonded nylon thread both made in the U.S.A..

Available in Coyote Brown, Olive Drab and Black.


We personally build each and every one of these to the HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS. After receiving and inspecting this item, if you can truly say you are not satisfied with the quality and workmanship, you may return it for a FULL REFUND.

In the extremely unlikely event that your strap should fail, please contact us for a replacement. Fail on the can.....not as a tow strap! ;) XD