Ball Valve Pressure Kit - MWC

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This is a Modified Cap Kit for your Scepter or LCI MWC Military WATER can. This sale does not include a can, and will NOT fit on the Scepter MFC FUEL cans. This kit allows you to connect a garden hose & sprayer of your choice, and then pressurize the can using any type of air compressor to achieve a respectable spray. The assembly includes a cap to protect the opening from dirt and the hose threads from damage when not in use. The three piece pick up tube can either be dry fit or glued. 

All of our tests were done between 10-15psi.

NOTE: You will need a cap wrench or other means to tighten past hand tight to stop air from leaking around the factory seal (cap to can).  

Please Note: These cans are not designed to be pressurized. User assumes all responsibility for damage to the cap, can or for personal injury as a result of use.

The Scepter Cap in this kit is the newer style that includes an O-ring.  The LCI cap is similar to the older style Scepter cans that do not have an o-ring.  If you have a new Scepter can that currently has an o-ring, we recommend purchasing the Scepter brand cap.  If you have an older Scepter can that does not have an o-ring, then you can use either the new Scepter cap or the LCI cap interchangeably.   

Both brand WATER caps will NOT fit FUEL cans.