Bag for your Scepter MFC Pour Spouts

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SHIPPING NOTICE:  At the moment, Spout bags have a 2 day lead time from order to shipping date. Please keep this in mind if ordering multiple items.  If you are ordering multiple items and need your other items right away, please send a note along with the order to let us know to break up the order into 2 shipments.  Otherwise the whole order will be held till the bag is made.    

Storage BAG for the Scepter MFC Pour Spout.

Fits the Scepter 1" Black Diesel Pour spouts and 3/4" Clear Pour Spouts.

Constructed from 1050D Ballistic Nylon fabric and Mil-Spec Nylon webbing, with a PVC insert to protect your spout from being crushed.

It is designed to hold a pour spout and your cap wrench with room to spare for other items if you wish.

It is equipped with a stiffened, roll-top closure system for maximum opening size to access your spout and wrench, and for the best protection from contaminates. To close the bag, simply fold from the top 3x away from your body, then bring the buckles together towards your body. Please reference the photos for an illustration on how the bag should look when closed.

We provide space at the base of the PVC insert for inserting crumpled paper towels to help absorb run-off of fuel left in the spout after use.

While using this bag, we would recommend placing fresh crumpled paper towels at both ends, after each use, to help absorb the fuels, in an effort to not contaminate the bag.

This is not a completely sealed bag, which would be nearly impossible to build at a reasonable cost. So if you intend to store this bag in the passenger compartment of your vehicle, it will be important to maintain clean paper towels to absorb leftover fuels.

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