Happy customers showing off their gear.

I received some great pictures from a customer.  
Here he is sporting our Fuel Wrench and Easy Pour Fuel Strap (2-handle)
He is showing off how he can use the Sipon kit we sell to drink water without leaving the drivers seat!
"This water siphon hose is way awesome, I can sip water while on a ride and still keep my jug zipped inside the insulated bag!"
Here he showed us his ingenious idea of nesting his 2 spouts to make them both fit into one of the Pour Spout Bags we make as well as the wrench!
"I love this bag, it will hold both my unleaded and diesel spouts when nested, its perfect!"
Showing off his Aluminum Flanges.
"Gotta love the aluminum flange!"
Showing off his Scepter Water can with our Easy Pour Strap (2-handle), Hanging Sling Strap, and Siphon Kit!
Photo and quoted text credit to GAGE..  Thanks for the feedback!